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Q & A’s from Forums

Supertraining discussion of ART


"I am interested in learning about A.R.T. Unfourtunately, there seems to be little or no information on the 500 ART moves here in Germany. Plus I can not take a course, as it is too expensive for me to fly to the US. Has anyone material on this subject? If so, could you please post it here."

A lively discussion followed and can be viewed here:

my part of the answer...


Soft tissue injury scar removal, hamstrings

"I'm a university student with a fair amount of scar tissue development on a few 2nd degree hamstring tears. I can't afford massage therapy and physiotherapy more than once every one or two weeks. What can I do at home or at the gym to help speed up the scar tissue removal process?"



Regarding Deep Transverse Friction massage, DTF:


"...Maybe deep cross frictions are simply a type of dynamic trigger point therapy and serve more of a relaxant role than anything else.

The explanations that I have seen so far still leave me unconvinced."



Strength List: Sore Elbows

10/ 26/98
"Anyone with any advice for sore elbows (besides rest, I am four weeks out
from a meet)? The pain began with heavy squatting and is now being felt
during benches and tricep work. Anyone with any suggestions? never had
this problem before. thanks."





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