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Academy of Lymphatic Studies

Active Release Technique

American Massage Therapy Association

Ben Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy

Dr.Franco Columbu

Robert Forster, Rpt

John Harris

Tom Hendrikson

Emily Iker, M.D.

McKenzie Method

Mueller College of Holistic Studies

Dr. Brendan Murray

Rich Phaigh, Onsen Technique

St. John Neuromuscular Therapy

Touch Research Institute

Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy


Nutrition and Health

Dr. John Berardi

Best Price Nutrition

Beverly International Ultra Size Protein

Center for Food Safety, genetically altered and irradiated food info

Thomas Incledon

Nature’s Best Low Carb Recipes and Products

Netrition Pure Omega 3 Oil

Precision Nutrition, John Berardi

Rachel Naomi Remen

Seafood Selector Best and Worst Seafood

Paul Stamet’s Magic Mushrooms

South American Rainforest Herbs, sustainably harvested


Strength and Conditioning

Tudor Bompa

Todd Bostrom

Dr. Franco Columbu

Core Performance


Charlie Francis

Anne Frederick’s ‘Stretch to Win’

Gary Gray, PT, Applied Functional Assessments

Human Kinetics

Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Sports Therapy

International Sports Science Association

International Sports Science Institute, Leroy Perry, D.C.

Mike Mahler

Mavrik Barbell Co.

Phase IV

Rehab for Chronic Achilles Tendinosis

Dr. Squat

Charles Staley


Takano Athletics


TNS Training

Pavel Tsatsouline

Dr. Michael Yessis

Sean Waxman



Anatomical Charts

AAOS on Rotator Cuff Tears

AAOS on Shoulder Impingement

Journal of Applied Physiology, Kraemer et al on weight-loss in women

Journal of Nutrition Mayo Clinic Online research papers, etc.

Physician and Sportsmedicine Online Articles

Pubmed Research

Sportsmedicine articles

Steadman Hawkins Research Foundation


Interesting sites

Awareness Technologies

Campion Walker Garden Design

Robin Coleman

Jorge Davies

Ned Evans

Gea Johnson

John Marshall Jones

Peter Levitt

Stephen Mitchell

Leslie Musser’s PRs @ 2006 American Open

Stephen Nachmanovitch

Randy Paik

Rachel Naomi Remen

Rachel Rosenthal

Shannon Yorton @ 2006 Tournament of Champions



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