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Why Sports Massage?

Olympic runner


Sports massage is a vital tool in the quiver of methods and protocols that enhance regeneration and recovery from the effects of hard training (and banging into life's stressors).

Active Recovery can be used to optimize and sustain high performance without injury far more skillfully than it currently is.

Too many athletes are willing to experiment with steroids to speed up recovery and increase their ability to quickly gain strength, power or speed, yet rely solely on adequate sleep and a good diet for restoration. That's passive recovery...with juice that can and does seriously risk your health later in life.

Active Recovery is the skillful use of well chosen restoration methods to insure effective optimization to the stresses that training imposes. Sports massage is one of those methods. It can be used without risky side effects and remains effective over time.

If performed by a skillful massage therapist, it can provide the athlete and coach with feedback regarding the status of soft tissue that they would not otherwise be privy to, thus helping to prevent overtrained weak links, ie: local overtraining. It can identify those links so they can be strengthened with assistance exercises rather than pounding them into full blown injuries. It can effectively address adhesions, trigger points or accumulated cell metabolites that occur in local overtraining.

It can also be a useful tool to prevent general overtraining which affects the whole body and results in stagnation or a decrease in performance.

Training smarter, not harder keeps a high performer fit and able to enjoy play over the long haul. Sports massage offers a tune up that can both prevent overtraining and get the "schmutz" out, if it should occur.



If you're healthy anything's possible.

If you're injured nothing is.


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